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Welcome to this website dedicated to Epicurean philosophy! You will be able to learn what they thought will help us live a happier life. You will also be able to find links to relevant sources and in some cases translations of texts for which there are currently no English language versions.

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I received my BA in Classics (Hons) (1st Class) (2000-2004), MA in Classical Studies (Hons) (1st Class) (2008), and PhD in Classics at the University of Melbourne (2013). I have taught Latin, philosophy and Classics at The University of Melbourne, La Trobe University and Yale-NUS Singapore. I now live in New York City. My PhD was on the Epicurean philosopher Philodemus of Gadara, who lived in the first century B.C.E. I am currently writing a book on Philodemus, but I also work on Cicero.

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